[1511] The first map of Bermuda

The first map of the islands of Bermuda in 1511, made by Peter Martyr d'Anghiera in Legatio Babylonica.

Bermuda was visited by the Europeans in the early sixteenth century, probably in 1503, although the evidence for the exact year, and the identity of the discoverer, is uncertain. Bermuda was certainly known by 1511, when Peter Martyr published his Legatio Babylonica, which mentioned Bermuda. The discovery is attributed to a Spanish explorer, Juan de Bermudez. Nothing is known of his supposed first visit; he returned again in 1515, with the chronicler Oviedo y Vald├ęs. Oviedo's account of the second visit (published in 1526) records that they made no attempt to land because of weather.


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